Dear members,

Below is the letter our secretary has written to the office of the Director General of the Department of Sport and Recreation.

SASPO will keep you up to date.

Please be safe in this difficult period we are going through.



Attention: Sumaya Khan

Re: SASPO Poultry Shows 2020
We as the SASPO (Southern African Show Poultry Organisation) hereby request your advice and assistance.
We have numerous provincial shows that are scheduled for the remainder of the year. Our main
prestigious show, our national SASPO Championship Show is scheduled for 22 June to 27 June 2020. Being our championship show it entices approximately 3000 poultry entries, from all provinces including Namibia. This year our venue is Bultfontein located in the Free State. Fortunately Bultfontein is not a highly dense populated area. Revenue generated for this particular town in renting of venue, accommodation and casual employment over this particular period is in the vicinity of approximately R250 000.
A large amount of care will be taken in order to ensure that all staging, as well as the venue, will be sanitised to prevent any bacteria or virus are transmitted from within the venue, the cages and birds when benched. Any ill birds are not permitted to be benched. Members also inoculate their birds which prevents any illnesses. Various wash bays are placed in the venue to ensure that judges wash and sanitise their hands on a regular basis, thus preventing transmitting of any disease.
Should our National and club shows take place, further attention will be applied to ensure a safe environment for all fanciers and staff, and to limit the spread of the CoVid-19 virus. A committee will be selected to ensure all safety measures are put in place (PPE equipment, training, and routine activities), with reference to the hotline for the CoVid19 virus as per the Department of Health website 0800029999.
We as the Executive Committee hereby request that we continue with all arrangements for our SASPO National Championship Show
Your approval will be highly appreciated in regards to the request.
Kind regards,
Mr APC Van Greune
SASPO Secretary.