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Welcome to the Southern African Show Poultry Organisation

If you like beautiful, responsive, living things , then the world of SHOW POULTRY may be what you have been looking for. The many sizes, shapes, colours and personalities represented in the nearly 100 breeds and varieties of pure bred poultry, found in South Africa, offers something for almost everybody. The term poultry includes chickens and miniature counterparts, the bantams (kapokkies in Afrikaans), as well as ducks, geese and turkeys. These domestic fowl are an important part of the world's commerce and industry and form a considerable portion of the diet for many of the world's people. They also exist in so many diverse forms and colours that they catch the vocational interest of an increasing number of persons.The appreciation of excellence and the systematic classification of the many breeds and varieties of poultry are highlights of the Organisation's program. The gaining of greater appreciation for and the enjoyment from keeping and exhibiting of pure bred poultry is a worthwhile social goal

If you are attracted to graceful forms and exquisite colours in lively, moving packages, investigate the world of show poultry. The best way to understand this intriguing hobby is to visit shows held annually across Southern Africa. See the birds, meet the people and follow up with visits to their places. You'll see some attractive birds and also some interesting equipment. You can build and enjoy the company of fascinating people. From these people you'll get valuable ideas and suggestions of where to go to see and learn more.Membership with a poultry club is a way to keep abreast of what's happening. Later, after you have settled on a specific breed, you may want to join a club specialising in that particular breed. Through newsletters and meetings these organisations add uniformity and cohesion as well as general information you can use in the day-to-day pursuit of your hobby. You'll also learn how to keep your birds in a healthy shape and to prepare them for shows.

showroom pictures All of these many activities encourage total family participation and many design features especially for the younger members of the family. For some people owning and reproducing some of these elegant creatures is enough reward. But for others the showroom is the focal point, the true measure of the hobby's rewards. The thrill of a win and the recognition of the effort by friends is a gratifying experience. It recalls all of the events from mating of the parents, the setting of the egg and the new baby chick. You watch it grow. Each day is a new experience. Keeping show poultry is a relaxing hobby that is within the economic limits of most of us. It offers the challenge of improving a breed by creating new varieties, the companionship of living things and the pride of ownership that can be matched by few other things.
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