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About the Southern African Show Poultry Organisation

The purpose of the Southern African Show Poultry Organisation (SASPO) is as follows:
  • To promote and protect the standard-bred poultry industry in all its phases in Southern Africa.
  • To encourage and protect poultry shows as being the show window of our industry, an education for both breeders and public, and a means of interesting young future breeders in taking up poultry.
  • To assist, encourage and help educate the junior poultry man to the sound and practical value of standard-bred poultry and pure breeding.

Toward these goals SASPO supports sanctioned meets at poultry shows all over Southern Africa. Individual members earn points at these shows toward becoming a Master Exhibitor as well as receiving awards from the organisation.

SASPO also thanks you, our members, for your continued support.

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